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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We do specialise in mobile phones but we also deal with iPads, laptops, PCs, gaming consoles, media devices, accessories, printers, hard drives, routers and switchboards. If you’re not sure about the equipment you’re looking to recycle, just ask!
We can provide a quote before collection but it will be an estimation and the price could vary after assessment. Pricing depends heavily on make, model, network (mobile phones only), condition and whether there are any internal locks on the device, however our team is unequivocally quick at testing and reporting on the phones, meaning you would be provided with a monetary value quite soon after collection.
It is important to us that the final quote is one you will be happy with but if you are not satisfied with it and would like us to return your equipment, we will do so free of charge as we like to ensure our customer service is top quality.
The time will vary depending on the influx of jobs in house. Our testing team is very dedicated and will try their best to ensure every job lot is tested and data wiped or destroyed correctly and as soon as possible.
We currently collect job lots from all over the United Kingdom, as well as Europe. We don't currently collect from other continents but we aim to grow and gradually collect globally.
We collect devices from any year. We have worked with phones ranging from the Nokia 3310 to the iPhone 8. No device is too old!
We use software programs like Blancco, Blackbelt and Mobicode, as well as other internal programs. We only use highly rated methods that will absolutely ensure a complete data wipe to protect your information