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We provide a wide range of technologic services at Hate My Phone, including asset recycling, device repairs and shredding.


Our service provides complete solutions for handling your extra or unused tech stock. With our know-how in managing the lifespan of products, we make it easy to deal with new, extra, used, or faulty devices. We take care of inventory, use eco-friendly ways to dispose of items, and guarantee your sensitive data stays safe through secure data wiping.


Our secure shredding service ensures complete and safe destruction of mobile phones, tablets, disks, hard drives, or devices where data wiping isn’t possible. This secure solution guarantees the protection of your information. Contact us for details regarding service charges.


Our partnered experts specialize in repairing a variety of devices, from phones and iPads to laptops. We handle everything from replacing cracked screens to fixing hardware damage and resolving software issues. Our goal is to ensure your device returns to full working order. Contact us for details regarding service charges.


Receive cash for your unused tech or exchange it for credit towards your next phone purchase. We offer competitive rates for your devices, giving you the choice to declutter and earn cash or use your tech to upgrade. Additionally, consider part-exchanging your tech for other devices as an alternative to selling for cash. We priorities sustainability through asset recycling. We collect new or unfixable devices, forensically data wipe them, or dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner, offering an unbeatable rebate. This provides you with a quick and easy asset disposal solution. Contact us to explore how your old tech can contribute to your next device or help you gain immediate cash.


Our tailored solutions optimise device performance, ensuring functionality aligns with your specific needs. Whether it’s enhancing security, updating systems, or customising software, we provide seamless re-configuration services. With extensive expertise in MDM, Knox, Google locks, and handset unlocking across various brands and models, our solutions are personalised to meet your requirements. Contact us to unlock the full potential of your mobile device through our expert re-configuration services.