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Terms and Conditions


Accessing our site and accepting a trade in will bind you into agreeing to the Terms & Conditions of this site.


In order to accept to a device to trade in you will need to tick the box to agree to these Terms & Conditions.




“You” or “Your” – is referred to the viewer or customer of the site.


“Us” or “We” or “Hate My Assets/Hate My Phone” or “Hate My Phone Limited/Ltd” – is referred to the owner of the site and business.


“Trade ins” – is referred to your device, unit, handset, and gadget due to the mass amount variety we take back.




By placing an order on our website, you warrant the following:


We have the right to reject any orders received upon discretion without any reason.


Devices are quoted on the valuation associated with the category you choose at trade in at point of sale.


You are responsible to ensure devices are with Hate My Assets/Hate My Phone before 10 working days and 2 working days as a minimum is allowed for testing time. Anything after 10 working days is subject to change with up to date valuations and we cannot be held liable.


Trade in’s are screened on arrival to the description selected.


You will be notified if there is an issue via email and we will wait 5 working days for a response. (If you do not respond to the email within that set time then we will proceed with payment and dispose of the unit.)


If the item is not as described then it is down to you to accept the revised quotation based on our categories or decline the offer.


After any revaluations that are declined, the device will be returned to you free of charge.


Once a trade in device or item is with Hate My Assets/Hate My Phone, you are not able to refuse or recall the unit after payment.


You accept responsibility if any trade description selection warrants what you have supplied to Hate My Phone.




Steps to remove iCloud from a device can be seen on the Apple website or guided by us. If you require our help, please get in touch with us.


If the iCloud is not removed, then regardless of whether the device is faulty or working, we may not accept the device.


Goods other than mobile phones or similar electronic gadgets being traded in, may be classed as working – fully operational in good working condition or faulty – not fully operational or some damage to the unit that is significant.




We do not accept barred/blocked/fake/stolen devices.


All devices will go through Checkmend or another database to ensure the device is not any of the above.


If the device is found to be, then we reserve the right to quarantine the device and the appropriate channels such as Police and Insurance Companies will be contacted to return the device to the rightful owner.


You will be required to cooperate with the authorities if your trade in is registered as lost or stolen.




For working devices, we are look at the physical condition. In order to receive the full indicative value for your device, it must be clear of significant cosmetic damage. Significant cosmetic damage, as we describe it here, includes deep marks and scratches, chips and cracks, large dents, scuffed paint, and excessively worn buttons and/or housing, amongst others (i.e., noticeable physical defects such as mismatched casing, discoloration and engravings/permanent marks). In the event of such cosmetic damage, we are obliged not to pay as much as the original indicative value and will send you a revised quotation for your device via email and/or text.


Please note that the terms relating to cosmetic damage only apply to orders placed for working devices.




Trade in communication is made via email and it is your responsibility to ensure you have supplied the correct information such as the right email address.


Hate My Assets/Hate My Phone is not liable for any emails not getting to the right email addresses due to spam filters, restrictions and settings on junk folders.


Hate My Assets/Hate My Phone reserves the right to contact its customers and clients at anytime via the information you supplied to us.


By ticking the stay in contact box at point of accepting the Terms and Conditions, Hate My Assets/Hate My Phone is able to contact you after the trade in, about promotions, retransacting, and other business related activity.


Communication we will use is phone call, email, SMS or any other electronic method.




Content is for general information and is subject to change without notice.


Allowing Cookies on the site is used for market intelligence for us and third parties that work with us.


We cannot guarantee accuracy, time, performance, or suitability of the information on the website. We therefore cannot accept any liability for errors or inaccuracies of material on the website.


Website designs are owned and licensed to Hate My Phone Ltd, there is no limit to anything visible on the website like layout, graphics and design.


Materials shown on the website are subject to copyright to Hate My Phone Ltd.




Prices are subject to change at anytime and there is no limit to price changes processed in a set period.


Your price that you accept is valid for 10 working days and anything outside the 10 working days will change in line to that current price for that device or unit.


If your handset does not meet the category described, then we will offer you the suitable category and price for the device. You will have 5 working days to either decline or accept the offer. After 5 working days, if there no response via email then we will process the revised payment and you will lose the right to decide on what you want to do in this case.




Payments are made via Bac’s/Bank Transfer.


Bank Transfers and Bac’s are usually same day payments but in a small number of cases there can be a delay of up to 3 working days due to your issuing bank.


We will make payment within 3 working days of receiving and testing the device; this is due to the volume of devices received.


Any payment discrepancy needs to be reported within 48 hours to try to resolve the issue and trace payments.


Incorrect bank details could result in 1 month or longer for payment to returned and re-issued.


We do offer retail vouchers to buyers as alternative dependent on promotions ran at the time. Accepting a retail voucher will result in it being sent electronically via email or post. You would then lose the right for the cash payment to be accepted.




It is your responsibility to ensure personal data is erased from your devices.


Hate My Assets/Hate My Phone will do factory restores, manufacturer resets or use third party software to erase data where it is possible but we cannot be held liable to any personal information remaining on the device.


This goes for any media, data, information.


Devices that are faulty/damaged/has software corruption may become financially unviable to erase personal data and is at the owners risk. This is only when it becomes challenging to use full functions on the device.




Hate My Assets/Hate My Phone cannot be liable to erase data for any data found on other storage devices such as memory cards, SIM cards and anything similar.


SIM cards will be destroyed if found but it is your responsibility to either remove the SIM card or contact the network operator to ensure the SIM card is inactive. By accepting these Term and Conditions, you acknowledge that you cannot hold Hate My Assets/Hate My Phone liable for any airtime disputes, where a SIM card is sent with the phone and any charges are incurred.


SIM cards, memory cards and other storage devices are non-returnable.




To correspond with us about any concerns or issues after trading, use the information below.


Hate My Phone Ltd
Trading Address – Hate My Phone Ltd, Fairgate House, 205 Kings Road, Birmingham, B11 2AA
Contact Number – 0121 439 3590
Opening Hours – Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm
Vat Number – GB 236 7345 94
Company Registration Number – 10037726