Frequently Asked Questions

Has my item arrived?

Track your gadget via -

Freepost is usually 2 to 3 working days but some small cases up to 15 working days.

If you device is not here by 15th working day, then please contact Royal Mail on making a claim as it could be lost. Please visit for more information

What happens if their fault/problem found with your device?

  • We will contact you and pause on our process
  • We will offer you the next competitive price we quote for that your device fits into
  • If your not happy then we will return your device to you

If we have not heard from you after 2 weeks of attempting contact, then we will process your device at the valuation we have revised our quote too.

How should I package my item?

We recommend the device to be packaged with original manufacturers box /some card round the device / bubble wrap. It important you package your device securely as you do not want it to get damaged in transit and we can hold no responsibility for damage in transit.

Is it free to send my device in?

It is totally free postage to trade in your package as you can print a tracked returns label on the last stage of your trade in.

I do not have a printer to print off a label to send my package back?

Give us a call on 0121 439 3590 or drop us a email on – so we can see if we can arrange prepaid label.

I have no packaging materials?

Give us a call on 0121 439 3590 or drop us a email on – so we can see if we can arrange grey mailing sack to be sent out.

Do you need anything else?

If you have got the original accessories or a good condition phone box and you do not require them any more then allow us to recycle them. Otherwise the handset is totally fine.

What happens if I send a Apple product in with a Icloud lock?

We recommend all customers to remove Icloud from any Apple device. However if you forget, then we will be in contact to help you remove the Icloud. If we cannot get in touch with yourself regarding the Icloud then we will revise the valuation. Have a look online on removing Icloud -

What happens if there a problem or my device is not as I described?

We will get in contact and offer you the valuation that suites your device

Can recycle more than 1 device?

Yes you can, but we recommend the minimum value of all orders to exceed £5 if possible.

I've got a mobile phone but it is not worth anything, can it be recycled?

Yes it can, get in contact with us to see if there is anything we can do or otherwise you can post it to us so we can dispose of it correctly for you.

Our address is – Hate My Phone Ltd, Office Q015, 272 Kings Road, Tyseley, Birmingham, B11 2AB

Please place a note inside the package of your contact details and you would like the handset recycled free of charge.

Do you take Barred/Stolen Mobile phones?

We do not accept barred or blacklisted devices.